Conference Themes

Business Sessions

Succeeding in Food Processing – 2 Sessions
Scaling up profitability in food processing - Plenary session
This session will cater for small- and mid-sized food manufacturers as we acknowledge that one of the biggest challenges for start-ups is how to start scaling up operations. Today there is an endless amount of information available but interpreting this and making the best choices for your business is not simple.

Ag Startups that thrive (2 Plenary Sessions)
This session will be focused on how innovation management is bridging the startup-enterprise divide.
Effective cofounding in startup businesses
Starting up a business can be as challenging as having the right people on one’s team.As this ultimately makes or breaks the company.
This session will help start up business owners identify the right partnerships to tap into that will give their business the leverage that might take them years to build from scratch.
Agribusiness start-ups – Operating with lean resources while maximizing profit
Starting up a business can be very exhausting financially.According to statistics published in 2017 by the Small Business Administration (SBA), about one-fifth of business startups fail in the first year and about half of all employer establishments fail within five years. Only about one third survive ten years or more.
This session will teach participants how to run a start-up business using lean resources, when and how to expand with minimal overhead cost while maximizing profit.

Creative Funding for innovative Ag businesses (1 Plenary Session)
Inspiring sessions with entrepreneurs that made success on fund raising their businesses
Every business can make do with a few extra cash
This session will be centered on creative ways of sourcing for finances (grants and loans) for startups and existing business.

Accessing Export opportunities
Killing the sharks in the Ocean of export
International Export trade has its peculiarities in terms of requirements and policies put in place by the government of two countries.
This session will prepare you to scale up your business in the export trade market as all the cons of exporting goods will be discussed and how to mitigate them
Unlocking the Scandinavian fruits and vegetables export market
According to FAO, The Scandinavians imports over 70% of their fruits and vegetables.
This session will feature several export-trade opportunities in the Scandinavian countries.
Scaling up through export-trade: Skill - Innovate – Connect
There is a satisfaction that comes with producing goods that is needed in a different country.
This session will drive discussions on how agribusiness owners can scale up their businesses (Expansion) by replicating their products and services in other countries with creative ideas.

Maximizing opportunities in the commodity supply chain(2Plenary Sessions)
This session will feature a critical thinking, where participants will gain access to untapped value chains in agribusiness, setting an economic trend in the industry.
Developing value chain strategy and organization – The middle man approach
The value chain approach in venturing into agribusiness

Master Classes
Successful Agribusiness conference delegates are eligible to choose ONE of the four Master classes which are offered on a first come get served arrangement. Delegates are advised to register for master class choices as each class will only accommodate 25 SAC delegates.

Packaging that sells - Giving your food brand an irresistible outlook
Creative packaging has been the distinctive factor between brands that sell and the ones that struggle. Food products that standout on shelves have better visual appeal to buyers and have higher chances of being sold. This master class will teach you innovative ways of branding your food products to world class standard.
The session will be led by a team of brand consultants with extensive expertise in creating wonderful product experiences around several food brands in Africa.
This Master class session will accommodate only twenty-five SAC Conference delegates.

How to Start and Run Chains of Restaurants Profitably
There is no better time than now to own a chain of modern restaurants. The global restaurant industry was valued at over $1.5 trillion with an annual growth rate per annum of 3.3% between 2012 and 2017. This master class will teach you insider success system that made some of Nigeria’s multimillion naira restaurant chains successful and how you can create your own success.
The session will be led by a seasoned restaurant entrepreneur with several years of experience managing chains of restaurants successfully.
This Master class session will accommodate only twenty-five SAC Conference delegates.

How to Produce Food and Beverages Using Other People’s Factories
It costs several millions to buy sophisticated lines for the production of food, drinks and beverages but this should not be a barrier for daring food entrepreneurs. This Master class will link SAC delegates up with food industries where they can produce their own fruit juices, biscuits, drinks, snacks and several other branded food products. You will be able to have your own branded food brands produced from third party factories.
The workshop will bring together operators of food industries and they will be signing contract production agreements with SAC delegates.
This Master class session will accommodate only twenty-five SAC Conference delegates.

How to Become a Supplier of commodities to agro processing industries
Commodities such as sorghum, maize, soybeans, barley, cassava, starch e.t.c. are daily utilized by several agro industries in developing their end products. Securing procurement contracts from these companies is a tall order for most entrepreneurs that are willing to play in that space. This Master Class will bring you in contact with procurement Managers of several agro processing industries that will be able to give you contract support for the supply of specific commodities to their industries.
This Master class session will accommodate only twenty-five SAC Conference delegates.