Welcome to SAC Ibadan 2018.

The Successful Agribusiness Conference (SAC) is an event for all active investors and professionals within the agribusiness space.

The International conference offers her participants a chance to engage with visionaries, investors, policy makers, producers, marketers and customers of agribusiness. It also provides a platform that helps bring your products and services to the outside world.

SAC targets to cover all agribusiness actors coming together yearly to share resources, innovations and technological advancements in the industry.

The SAC conference will bring together more than 500 delegates from the 36 states in Nigeria to hear world-class speakers and leaders across the agribusiness, technology, finance and academic community.

This is the forum where the future direction of Agribusiness in Nigeria will be interrogated, reimagined and reformed.

SAC’s mission is to bring together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors, policy setters and academia in a world-class business event that embraces the future of Sustainable Agribusiness.

Request for Invitation Letter
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